To wear Halloween Costume Contact Lenses or not to wear…that is the question!
November 11, 2016

The answer is NO! People often forget that contact lenses are a medical device and should only be used when prescribed by your optometrist. Yes, that means you shouldn’t even wear your friend’s contact lenses even if it does give you those perfect green eyes to complete your cat costume. Wearing costume contact lenses can be a real scare!

Many over-the-counter contact lenses have tested positive with chemicals such as chlorine. A 2015 study concluded that the chemicals in the contacts used to achieve these frightful colors can cause toxicity or even scratch the eyes resulting in infection. Four out of five of these over-the-counter contact lenses are not approved by the FDA and not even available in the U.S. Yikes, that means these lenses are being purchased online without even having an eye care professional evaluate the fit of the lenses first! To protect your eyes this Halloween see your eye doctor for a contact lens fitting of FDA approved colored contact lenses.

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